Our Staff

Thank you for visiting our web site. When I was in dental school at the University of Pennsylvania I was taught that health care, of which orthodontics is a part, is not a business. It is a profession. The difference is our total focus is for the good of the person seeking help in maintaining healthy teeth and an esthetic smile for life. To do so it is essential to listen to your needs. Only after this can the desired effective treatment be discussed, implemented and successfully completed. It is in this relationship of trust and service to your needs that our office is dedicated.  Dr. Mattson


Meet Dr. Mattson

My dental school and orthodontic training are from the University of Pennsylvania as I grew up in Philadelphia. I now realize how lucky I was being drmattsonnewexposed in my young years to the tremendous faculty at Penn at that time. I am humbled to realize that many of my treatment decisions stem back to what these great teachers exposed me to. “We stand on the shoulders of giants”.

Beside my career in private practice in Olney, Maryland, I have been on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania serving as Clinic Director and the faculty of the University of Maryland serving as Associate Clinical Professor in Orthodontics. My teaching responsibilities included biomechanics and diagnosis and treatment planning with the orthodontic resident while guiding them with patient care. I also was the orthodontic staff member for the Department of Craniofacial Anomalies at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and Washington DC.

I am a life time member of the American Association of Orthodontist, American Dental Association, Maryland State Dental Association and the Middle Atlantic Orthodontic Society.

Who Is Our Team?



Meet Diane

Diane recently switched from full to part time as our bookkeeper. She keeps us afloat with all the business needs of the office.





Meet Jennifer

After a full career as a para educator at St. Peter’s in Olney Jennifer switched to being our full time receptionist. She really should be mayor of Olney since she has been an active member of the community for over 25 years. If you’re looking for an efficient, pleasant person who can solve any problem, meet Jennifer. We are very lucky that she joined us full time.



Meet Donna

Donna first worked on our team as a certified chairside assistant right out of high school. Her artistic talent and energy led her to college. There after she married and welcomed three children. Fortunately when the children grew older she returned to orthodontics with us. A lucky day for me. She has managed for two decades all our treatment implementation needs while helping me as a certified chairside assistant. Could not run this office without her.


Meet Esmeralda

When Esmeralda joined us 6 years ago she raised the intellectual level of our team by being bilingual. Her biggest frustration is in trying to teach me Spanish but she is a treasure for our Spanish speaking patients. How do I know? Because she doesn’t stop talking in Spanish if that is your primary language! She is a certified orthodontic assistant working with me in adjusting the treatment appliances.



We have two high school students working for us; Wes and Karleigh. They are a very important part of our staff since their main responsibility is making ready the instruments needed to work. We therefore can move efficiently, staying on schedule so you do not have to wait beyond your appointment time.

Wes attends Sherwood High School where he plays varsity lacrosse and is a member of the fishing team. He also has a lawn care and snow removal business. Quite ambitious!

Karleigh’s  life is occupied with training event horses and she competes as a member of the USA Young Riders Team. Go Karleigh!

We are grateful to have their assistance in delivering quality care to our patients and look to a bright future as they move on in life.